what do u mean by $#,$* in unix programming?

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what do u mean by $#,$* in unix programming?..

Answer / vipul dalwala

$# - number of command line arguments or positional

$* - All of the positional parameters, seen as a single word

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what do u mean by $#,$* in unix programming?..

Answer / narendrasairam

$# - Number of argument passed

$* - Array of arguments given (or) passed arguments as an array

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what do u mean by $#,$* in unix programming?..

Answer / anita lohia

$# The number of command line argument
$* All the arguments on the command line

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what do u mean by $#,$* in unix programming?..

Answer / siva prasad

$#- total no of positional parameters excluding the program
$*- all the arguments excluding the program name

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what do u mean by $#,$* in unix programming?..

Answer / satyabrata

$# it contains the no of positional parameters
$* it contains all positional parameters as a single string

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