what does the method Class.forName returns?

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what does the method Class.forName returns?..

Answer / m.gangadhar


first it loads th class name at run time
second it executes the static initializer containg the code
of driver class i.e
DriverManager.registerDriver(new Driver());
catch(Exception e){}

then it creates the object for the driver class and
registers that object in to the DriverManager

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what does the method Class.forName returns?..

Answer / priyank jain

Static method Class.forName(String className) returns the
Object for the classname specified in argument passed to
Also Class.forName used to load drivers.
Ex. In JDBC call
automatically creates an instance of a EmbeddedDriver and
registers it with the DriverManager.

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what does the method Class.forName returns?..

Answer / choudarygariabbai

static Class<?> forName(String className)
Returns the Class object associated with the
class or interface with the given string name.

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what does the method Class.forName returns?..

Answer / uv

When Class.forName("<classname>") function gets
executed,the class gets loaded in JVM.

To create an object and access its functions and variables,
we can use getInstance( ), please look into the below
fragment code:

Class c = Class.forName("Cls");
Object o = null;
o = c.getInstance( );
// type casting the Object
Cls cl = (Cls) o;

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