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TCS Interview Questions
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We have standard info cubes given in sap why you created zinfo cubes can u tell me the business scenario


In keyfigure what is meant by cumulative value, non cumulative value change and non cumulative value in and out flow.


when u creating infoobject it shows reference and template what is it

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what is meant by compounding attribute tell me the scenario?

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I have 3 cubes for that I created multiprovider and I created a report for that but I didn’t get data in that report what happen?

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I have 10 cubes I created multiprovider I want only 1 cube data what u do?

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what is meant by safety upper limit and safety lower limit in all the deltas tell me one by one for time stamp, calender day and numberic pointer?


I have 80 queries which query is taking so much time how can you solve it


In compression level all requests are becoming zero which data is compressing tell me detail


I created process chain 1st day it taking 10 min after that 1st week it taking 1 hour after that next time it taking 1 day with a same loads what happen how can u reduce the time of loading

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where can we find transport return codes


I have a report it taking so much time how can I rectify


what is offset? Without offset we create queries?


I told my process chains nearly 600 are there he asked me how can u monitor I told him I will see in rspcm and bwccms he asked is there any third party tools is there to see? Any tools are there to see tell me what it is


how client access the reports


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TCS Interview Questions

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