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TCS Interview Questions
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suppose we have 10 members in physical file and i have to use 4 out of 10 so how can we read this in RPG

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How can we change element of compile time array?Can we do so

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Suppose in CL we reach at end of file and again we have to reach from 1 record

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Difference between RESET and CLEAR

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How can we call CL program to RPG? How many number of parameter we can pass

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why do create Firefighters and ffids service type user?


what is centralize FFID?


how we can see FFID if firefighter not able to see FFids ?


Is it every login FFID notification goes to controller?

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How we can see FFID log report, before any prerequisite?

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User done tasks with ffid n logged off but controller not get any log reports,why?

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Userdone tasks with ffid n system send log reports to controller in his work inbox but whenever its open its showing blank screen, why?


difference between BRF flat rule in BRF flat rule lineitem by lineitem.

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User tring to submit the request in GRC but user getting error, what could be the reason , while all BRF+ & MSMP working fine.?

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While run the risk analysis fir two user & its showing blank screen and other users its working fine , whats the reason?

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TCS Interview Questions

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