why r u transer the data base tables to flat file and what
is use

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why r u transer the data base tables to flat file and what is use..

Answer / seshadri reddy

There were somany instances as depicted below:

1.If the customer was using some old version of oracle
Aps,If he wants to switch over to the new version.If the old
version structure is no compatable to the new version.Then
we have to transfer the data from old version tables to
flat files again from there we have to upload into the new

2.If the customer is using more than one application for his
total enterprise,since every module is interlinked we have
to transfer the data from one module to to other.In this
case we cannot transfer the data from one application to the
other directly.In this case we have to get the data into
flat files and tranfer into the next application..

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why r u transer the data base tables to flat file and what is use..

Answer / bobbyiiit

when the client is using some other reporting tool. then he
need the data in the base tables so that he can load the
data in to the database on which he is generating reports.

for this purpose we transfer the data from base tables to
flat files.

the client will then load the data from the flat files to
his own data base and develop reports.

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why r u transer the data base tables to flat file and what is use..

Answer / anil kumar

sashidhar reddy is correct

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