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why r u move in the cus_top only why not move another top

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why r u move in the cus_top only why not move another top..

Answer / radha madhavi

The components that are moved to the custom top cannot be
overridden due to version upgradation. That is the reason
we move the custom componets to custom top.

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why r u move in the cus_top only why not move another top..

Answer / veerendra

Oracle Patch (version upgradation patch)won't touch custom top
that is the only reason to put all the custom objects in
custom top

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why r u move in the cus_top only why not move another top..

Answer / subrahmanyam.k

After development of .rdf of fmx we can move these files to
the server.because these are belongs to which custom_top and
the run time we can get where ur insert these files we can get.

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why r u move in the cus_top only why not move another top..

Answer / vds

When a program runs the location of the file eg (.rdf) is
checked with the $ _TOP which is mentioned in the
executables of the program definition. Normally all custom
programs are set to some common custom top.

A program executable can can be set to any other top and
the program file can be placed in that top provided you
dont worry of any patch application/upgradation as these
tops can be overwritten.

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