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Wipro Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions
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Steps for DFF registration

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How relation will be made between modules in oracle financial?

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when we run payment batch what are the 3 concurrent programs?

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Please let me know the differance between Master Item and organization Item in Inventory.

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You are working with interfaces if client doesnot give any flat then what will u do?

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what is meant by lexical parameter

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what is the data type of lexical parameter?

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how to make a parameter optional in the query?

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Hi All, I have one year experience in Oracle Apps.I want to know that what is value of oracle Apps in market?..I have doubt,here I need to learn Oracle Apps more..because I know the opportunities in market ... otherwise need to learn other technologies ?..... And In Oracle Apps ,which is impotant Functional or technical knowledge ?

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how to create a file in forms?

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wht is difference between is and as varibales,while declaring procedure which is better?

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Which module is not in multiorg

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Define multi org structure with example(take any businees).

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Wipro Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions

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