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Difference between Application and Applet ?

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Difference between Application and Applet ?..

Answer / janet

1. Application must be run on local machine where as applet
needs no explicit installation on local machine.
2.Application must be run explicitly within java compatible
virtual machine where as applet loads and runs itself
automatically in a java enabled browser.
3. application starts execution with it's main method where
as applet starts execution with it's init method
4.application can run with or without graphical user
interface where as applet must run within graphical user

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Difference between Application and Applet ?..

Answer / preeti rani

Applet must have GUI whereas Application may not have GUI

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Difference between Application and Applet ?..

Answer / gyana

Application is a standard alone program which can be
run with a local machine and with secveral machine with
help of network.It is simply used to create windows format
Applet is the small small application is used to create
the web applications.
You can download it by the help of java compatiable
It is more secure .

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Difference between Application and Applet ?..

Answer / swetcha

In simple terms, an applet runs under the control of a
browser, whereas an application runs stand-alone, with the
support of a virtual machine. As such, an applet is
subjected to more stringent security restrictions in terms
of file and network access, whereas an application can have
free reign over these resources.

Applets are great for creating dynamic and interactive web
applications, but the true power of Java lies in writing
full blown applications. With the limitation of disk and
network access, it would be difficult to write commercial
applications (though through the user of server based file
systems, not impossible). However, a Java application has
full network and local file system access, and its
potential is limited only by the creativity of its

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