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Wipro Core Java Interview Questions
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If there are two notepad opened and working on it . is this a process or thread? computer based Live Example to differentiate between Thread , Process , and Multi tasking ?

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what are variables in java

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Memory management in JAVA

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how copy the hashmap object into arraylist at java program?

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what is ststic with example


Is java pure object oriented or not? if yes, give the valid reason.

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how can you say that java is independ language

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we have a 100 classes at that time which class we have to write main method? pls help me

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class A { public void disp(int a,int b) { System.out.println("hai"); } } class B { public void disp(int a,int b,int c) { System.out.println("hai"); } } above program is overloading or overriding?

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what is singlton class?where it is use in real time senario.

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What are the override methods in Object class?

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Why method overloading and method overriding required in java?

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How does access modifiers work?

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How does static modifier work?

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How does abstract modifier work?

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Wipro Core Java Interview Questions

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