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What is an abstract class?

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What is an abstract class?..

Answer / pranab dutta

An Abstract class serves as a template, so it must be
extended /subclassed. It contains a static data. It means a
class that is abstract may not be instantiated and its
constructor can?t be called. A class may be declared
abstract even if it has no abstract methods that prevents
it from being instantiated.

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What is an abstract class?..

Answer / guest

Abstract class: U cannot instantiate an object of Abstract
class.An abstract class should having atleast one abstract
methoda and it should not final.

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What is an abstract class?..

Answer / shan

An abstrct class is a class which contains special property
than ordinary class.
An abstarct class contains atleast one abstract method
which will be left to its subclass to implement.
An abstract class defines some common properties to its

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What is an abstract class?..

Answer / janet

An abstract class is a class designed with implementation
gaps for subclasses to fill in and is deliberately

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What is an abstract class?..

Answer /

abstract class is an incomplete class which contains incomplete and complete methods.

incomplete methods contains only the declaration and ended with semicolon (; )

To access the incomplete methods we need create a concrete class with the help of extends keyword.

In concrete class there will be method definitions for incomplete methods.

abstract class is known as superclass and concrete class as subclass.

In concrete class we can create the object and we can call the incomplete methods and execute the program.

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What is an abstract class?..

Answer / sitaram

abstract class is class. we can't create the instantiate the
object of abstract class. In abstract class contains
concrete and abstract methods.when ever we can implement the
abstract methods. The current class will extends the
abstract class.

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What is an abstract class?..

Answer / ms

an abstract class is one which only gives the body of the
class containing the methods with out any
implementation.the abstract methods and the abstract
objects cannot be instantiated

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