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Wipro C Interview Questions
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How do I declare an array of N pointers to functions returning pointers to functions returning pointers to characters?

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write a program for the normal snake games find in most of the mobiles.


what is difference between ANSI structure and C99 Structure?

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struct abc { unsigned int a; char b; float r; }; struct xyz { int u; struct abc tt; }ww; ww = (struct xyz*)malloc(sizeof(struct xyz)); will the memory be allocated for the inner structure also?

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main() { int a=4,b=2; a=b<>2; printf("%d", a); }

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what is level of tree if leaf node is at level 4.please explain.

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FIND THE OUTPUT IF THE INPUT IS 5 5.75 void main() { int i=1; float f=2.25; scanf("%d%f",&i,&f); printf("%d %f",,i,f); } ANSWER IS 5 AND 2.25 WHY?

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void main() { char c; while(c=getchar()!='\n') printf("%d",c); } o/p=11 why?

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Write a c program to build a heap method using Pointer to function and pointer to structure ?


Write a c program to enter a string of paragraph and replacing a particular word which is repeated in the paragraph by another word?

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c program to manipulate x=1+3+5+...+n using recursion

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An array name contains base address of the array. Can we change the base address of the array?

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what is function pointer?

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c program to print a name without using semicolon

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program that accepts amount in figures and print that in words

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Wipro C Interview Questions

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