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Wipro C Interview Questions
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write a program to swap Two numbers without using temp variable.

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Write a program or provide a pseudo code to flip the 2nd bit of the 32 bit number ! (Phone Screen)

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what is the diff b/w static and non static variables in C. Give some examples plz.

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WAP to accept basic salary of an employee? Calculate it HRA=25%,DA=30%,PF=30%&net salary display all contents?

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what is the function of .h in #include in c ?

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write an algorithm which can find the largest number among the given list using binary search ............... this was asked in the interview

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what is the use of getch() function in C program.. difference b/w getch() and getche()??

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what is the differnce between AF_INET and PF_INET?

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hello friends what do u mean by BUS ERROR i got this error while i am doing my program in DATA STRUCTURES

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write a program to find the sum of the array elements in c language?

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implement general tree using link list

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pgm to find number of words starting with capital letters in a file(additional memory usage not allowed)(if a word starting with capital also next letter in word is capital cann't be counted twice)

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Write an interactive c program that will encode or decode a line of text. To encode a line of text, proceed as follows: Convert each character, including blank spaces, to its ASCII equivalent. Generate a positive random integer. Add this integer to the ASCII equivalent of each character. The same random integer will be used for the entire line of text. Suppose that N1 represents the lowest permissible value in the ASCII code, and N2 represents the highest permissible value. If the number obtained in step 2 above exceeds N2, then subtract the largest possible multiple of N2 from this number, and add the remainder to N1. Hence the encoded number will always fall between N1 and N2, and will therefore always represent some ASCII character. Display the characters that correspond to the encoded ASCII values. The procedure is reversed when decoding a line of text. Be certain, however, that the same random number is used in decoding as was used in encoding.

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if a person is buying coconuts of Rs10,and then sell that coconuts of Rs9,with the loss of one rupee.After that the person became a

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write a Program to dispaly upto 100 prime numbers(without using Arrays,Pointer)

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Wipro C Interview Questions

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