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Wipro Solaris General Interview Questions
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how to configure remote console login for a server sunfire v440 or v490?

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how to know kernel architecture of solaris ? isainfo -v ? or prtconf -v

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how to know which version of solaris is installed? uname –a /etc/release

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major diffences b/w solars 9 & 10?

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ndd -get /dev/hme0 link-mode

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solaris booting process.

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what are bootloaders in solaris booting? bootblk, ufsboot

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what are the daemons running In NIS? how to do u create NIS users and update Maps?

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what is multihomed system?

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how to add Kernel patch in all systems at a time?


How to recover failed disks in vxvm?

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1.Have you used vxboot ? 2.Minimum requirement for mirror volume to created ?


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Wipro Solaris General Interview Questions

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