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Wipro Solaris General Interview Questions
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Performace degradations in NFSv4 when upgraded from NFSv3? problems with NFS v4?


Port no for telnet (23) , ssh(22)?

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Process between Kernel and Shell when a command is executed?

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Root mirroring in SVM, in Veritas ?

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Root mirroring in veritas?

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Solaris booting process, run leverls?

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Solaris booting process?

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Solaris run levels?

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They have user like aa with home dir /export/home/aa. They want to change home dir to /export/home/bb & username remains same. User files in /export/home/aa moved to bb? What do u do?

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Troubleshooting SMF?

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User is not able to perform cron jobs. How do u troubleshoot?

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Veritas logging file?

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What are the comman user problems?

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What are the kinds of servers do u have? What is environment? Is it heterogeneous (mix of linux, solaris, other UNIX)?

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Wipro Solaris General Interview Questions

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