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Wipro Solaris General Interview Questions
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How to check version of NFS?

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How to check whether a particular port is open or not?

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How to check whether top command is installed ?

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How to configure Veritas Kernel? Daemons in Veritas VM?

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How to create diskgroup in veritas?

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How to create null files in solaris ?

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How to list qued jobs under at? atq

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How to make ip address persistent across reboots?

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How to reset root password if root password is gone?

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How to see the route?

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How to see veritas licenses?

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How to upgrade diskgroup? Vxdg upgrade

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If system got crashed. How do u troubleshoot? What are starting steps?

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Importing & deporting diskgroup?

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Ip classes, OSI layers,its significance, ?

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Wipro Solaris General Interview Questions

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