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Wipro Bio Informatics Interview Questions
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Ravi?s salary was reduced by 25%.Percentage increase to be effected to bring the salary to the original level is (a) 20% (b) 25% (c) 33 1/3% (d) 30%

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A and B can finish a piece of work in 20 days .B and C in 30 days and C and A in 40 days. In how many days will A alone finish the job?

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How long will a train 100m long traveling at 72kmph take to overtake another train 200m long traveling at 54kmph?

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What is the product of the irrational roots of the equation (2x-1)(2x-3)(2x-5)(2x-7)=9?

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Which of the following parameters is the same for molecules of all gases at a given temperature? (a) Mass (b) Momentum (c) Speed (d) Kinetic energy.

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A solid is completely immersed in liquid. The force exerted by the liquid on the solid will (a) Increase if it is pushed deeper inside the liquid (b) Change if its orientation is changed (c) Decrease if it is taken partially out of the liquid (d) None of the above.

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Select the correct statements (a) A simple harmonic motion is necessarily periodic (b) An oscillatory motion is necessarily periodic (c) A periodic motion is necessarily oscillatory (d) All of the above.

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An electron is injected into a region of uniform magnetic flux density with the components of velocity parallel to and normal to the flux. What is the path of the electron?


A constant voltage is applied between the 2 ends of a uniform metallic wire. Some heat is developed in it. The heat developed is doubled if (a) both the length and radius of the wire are halved. (b) both the length and radius of the wire are doubled (c) the radius of the wire is doubled (d) the length of the wire is doubled.

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If Young?s double slit experiment is performed in water (a) the fringe width will decrease (b) the fringe width will increase (c) the fringe width remains unchanged (d) there will be no fringe.

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The shape of a spot of light produced when bright sunshine passes perpendicular through a hole of very small size is (a) Square, because the hole is a square (b) Round, because it is an image of the sun (c) Round with a small penumbra around it (d) Square with a small penumbra.

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Some forms are books. All books are made of paper (a) Some forms are made of paper (b) Some forms are not made of paper (c) No forms are made of paper (d) None of the above.

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All toffees are chocolates. Some toffees are not good for health. (a) Some chocolates are not good for health (b) Some toffees are good for health (c) No toffees are good for health (d) Both (a) and (b).

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? : BGLQ : : YDIN : VAFK

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NLO : RPS : : ? : ZXA (a) VUW (b) VTR (c) VTW (d) TRP

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Wipro Bio Informatics Interview Questions

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