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Wipro Bio Informatics Interview Questions
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When X-Ray photons collide with electrons (a) They slow down (b) Their mass increases (c) Their wave length increases (d) Their energy decreases.

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An electron emits energy (a) Because its in orbit (b) When it jumps from one energy level to another (c) Electrons are attracted towards the nucleus (d) The electrostatic force is insufficient to hold the electrons in orbits.

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How many bonds are present in CO2 molecule?

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In a balanced chemical equation (a) Atoms are conserved (b) Molecules are conserved (c) Moles are conserved (d) Reactant and product molecules are preserved.

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How many grams of NaOH will react with 0.2 equivalent of HCl? (a) 0.59 (b) 0.285 (c) 1.18 (d) none of these.

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Which of the following is least acidic (a) Ortho-cresol (b) Para-cresol (c) Phenol (d) Meta-cresol.

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In Reimer-Tiemann?s reaction, the reaction intermediate is (a) Carbene (b) Dichloro carbene (c) Carbonion (d) Carbonium ion.

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Which of the following is most acidic? (a) C2H5OH (b) CH3CHOHCH3 (c) Ethanol (d) CH3OH.

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A catalyst (a)always slows down the reaction (b)always starts a rection that would not have ocurred at all otherwise (c)causes changes in the rate of the reaction (d)changes the quantities of the products formed.

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The rate of the first order reaction depends on the (a) Concentration of the reactant (b) Concentration of the product (c) Time (d) Temperature.

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What is the most abundant element in the universe ?

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Integrate 3x + 5 / (x3-x2-x+1)?


If y=cos-1(cosx + 4sinx)/(17)1/2, then dy/dx is ?

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If the sum of n terms of two series of A.P are in the ratio 5n+4:9n+6 .find the ratio of their 13th terms?

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If the letters of the word ?rachit? are arranged in all possible ways and these words are written out as in a dictionary, what is the rank of the word ?rachit?. (a) 485 (b) 480 (c) 478 (d) 481

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Wipro Bio Informatics Interview Questions

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