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How we will see which trap(Chasm trap or Fantrap) was used
in the Universe ?

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How we will see which trap(Chasm trap or Fantrap) was used in the Universe ?..

Answer / sree

visually we can find out the traps, there is no option is
available in BO designer level.
Fan Trap: it is nothing but One-to-Many joins path is
occured from (fact to Dimension), using aliases we can
resolve the fan trap.
Chasm Trap: it is nothing but Many-to-One join path,
i.e.,single lookup table converging into more than one fact
table is called "chasm trap'. Using context we can resolve
the chasm trap.

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How we will see which trap(Chasm trap or Fantrap) was used in the Universe ?..

Answer / aanonymous

In universe structure panel,
Organize the dimension tables and fact tables after making the
possible joins. Look at the
joins and cordialities from Dimension tables to Fact table.

If majority of the joins (one-to-many)towards fact from
dimension table consider as Chasm trap.
If majority of the joins away from the Fact table and
towards dimension table(s) consider as Fan trap

If it is Fan trap, Alias is the recommended method to
resolve the loop, otherwise use the context.
We can use either of that or both of them.

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