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Wipro Placement Papers Interview Questions
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Tata Elxsi Written Test With Interview Rounds

1 36914

Pattern & I nterview of Wipro [ 27 Feb 2007 ] Meerut

1 9966

IBM Freshers Interview + Placement Paper ---- apr 24 2007 Kolkata

2 28152

wipro anna university 22 june 2007

1 9435

3+ Experienced Wipro Technical round : Dated 15/07/2007

3 13012

College Of Applied Science

3 7669


1 4555

My Experience: WIPRO interview in June, 2008, Chennai

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1 5658

sbi cleark model question paper

36 25259

placement papers

3 13487

wipro placement process

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wipro placement paper

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analitical ability

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placement paper

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Wipro Placement Papers Interview Questions

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I got some information from the QTP help.But i am not sure whether through this process will QTP work or not bellow is the Help what I have Remote setup Settings Remote WSH, which is a new technology included in WSH 5.6, provides the ability to run a script on a remote machine or machines. With Remote WSH, the script is physically copied from the local machine to the remote machine before executing. In order to enable Remote WSH functionality, you must first set up the remote machine with the proper security settings. The steps below perform the tasks that enable Remote WSH. Note Both the remote and local machines must be running Windows NT 4 SP3 or greater in order to use Remote WSH. To enable a machine to run remote scripts 1. Install WSH V5.6 on the machine. If you are using Windows 2001 or have installed Internet Explorer 6 or greater, WSH 5.6 has already been installed. Note WSH 5.6 is available for download from the web at 2. Add yourself to the remote machine's Local Administrators group. 3. To enable Remote WSH, use Poledit.exe on the server. Note An administrator who wants to enable Remote WSH must either acquire the Windows 2000 resource kit, or use to acquire the necessary windowsscript.adm file that contains the WSH settings. The windowsscript.adm file must be copied to the server that sets the gapplicabel group's policies. Although it is not necessary to copy the file to the server's \WINNT\INF directory, this is nonetheless where the default adm files are located. Note For more information on Poledit.exe, see the Poledit.exe's online help system. 4. WSH should now be enabled on the machine. To test it,. WSH 5.6 can run scripts that reside on remote systems. The following scripts demonstrate this capability. These scripts make the assumption that the files are located on a local machine directory called "c:\wsh5.6"; change the local path and the remote machine name as necessary. After initially running RemoteTest.WSF on the local machine, there may be a small pause as DCOM verifies your identity. After you see the "Done" message, a file named "c:\beenhere.txt" on the remote machine indicates the time that you executed the command (from the remote computer's clock). Script to run scripts remotely set oController = CreateObject("WSHController") set oProcess= oController.CreateScript("c:\wsh5.6\beenhere.wsf","remmachine") oProcess. Execute Could you tell me will it work fine


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