how to load a software in server

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how to load a software in server..

Answer / surya

The question itself is confuse are you trying to load a
software which is installed in the machine already if thats
the case go to Task manager create new Task so u can load
which software u want.or if you are trying to load new
software to a machine need to go through INstallation
procedure of that software application.

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how to load a software in server..

Answer / nikhil pagnis

1)Initially to load the Software u need 2 hve admin rights
w/o which it is just not possible.
2)Only the Administrators and the users (to whom the
administrative rights r given can load the s/w) ----
considering the fact that almost 80% of the softwares
require Administrative previliges.
3)As Surya had suggested i would like to make a small
correction (although i wouldn't say that Surya has given a
wrong answer)here----One can make use of the CDROM or the
s/w can be copied onto the Hard Disk (again depends on the
rights and privileges).

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how to load a software in server..

Answer / alex

its same as we do in xp or 7,pls tell me how to make this software available for the clients

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how to load a software in server..

Answer / swaroop

using add and remive program

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how to load a software in server..

Answer / paramita das

I think this is not logical install a
softwarein a srver ........this is different from each case win 2003 serve,and win NT server,exchange
server and rest of these servers the procedure is ttally

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how to load a software in server..

Answer / hari

using the ip address then we can upload new

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