what is L1 and L2 support

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what is L1 and L2 support..

Answer / deepak

L1 & L2 Support are two primary level of Customer Support.
The First level support of L1 is for trying to resolve issue which are based on first level knowledge on FAQ and primaryly non technical in nature. Once L1 Team is not able to resolve in the first hand then it is escalated to L2 which are having adequate knowledge on the system of whatever technologies they are working upon. Gradually if the issues are not resolved the n it can grow up to multiple levels finaly they are moved to the development team which has build their customization and the necessary changes are done and the issues are resolved.

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what is L1 and L2 support..

Answer / faraz

L1 is a level one support in which we resolve small issues
of the customer but once the problem not resolve on this
level then we esclate it to L2 (Level 2). L2 is the senior
part of L1 which resolves esclated issues from L1.

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what is L1 and L2 support..

Answer / mohammed

Core Integrators has been providing a superior technical
support since its inception. Our tremendous effort in
implementing latest technical support system has made us
able to cater maximum numbers of clients in America. Our
international standard of technical support can answer you
requests times by our Level 1 and Level 2 technical support
process. L1/L2 technical support has made us capable
accelerating our clients' service by fulfilling their

Core Integrators plays a key role in providing outsourced
technical support services. Our Level 1(L1) and Level 2(L2)
technical support system includes inbound calls, email,
chat & remote login. Level 1 technical support executives
are liable to deliver technical assistance, which might
include help with mere problems or frequently asked

Our every effort from a minor version updates to enable
24X7 accessibility to our clients has made us a front line
technical support service provider. We offer free
downloadable technical support from our websites. Our free
phone support for product installation, and licensing are
provided by our experienced technicians. Although most of
the Level 1 queries can be availed through our FAQ section
yet Technical Support experts are there to acknowledge any
customized queries.

At Core Integrators, our trained Level 1 engineers have
better customer interaction skills to identify existing
problem and give an appropriate solutions. If our Level 1
technician is not able to solve the customer query then we
have Level 2 technical support system for giving an exact
solution. At a normal charge our instant solution providing
skills encourage our clients to make a long term business
dealings with us. Our Level 2 technical support helps
solving the unsolving problems of Level 1 agent. Our Level
2 technical support can clear all complex technical content
including case details and can lengthen the support cycle.

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what is L1 and L2 support..

Answer / preethi

L1 should have knowledge on Knowledge on Remote Desktop Support
Experience on Microsoft Windows servers
Microsoft Outlook configuration and troubleshooting issues
Experience in handling/creating service tickets in huge volume.
Experience on Windows Active directory
Knowledge working on Citrix.
Experience in working with Enterprise customers/clients

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what is L1 and L2 support..

Answer / narendra y

L1 is frist level and we support help desk problems and queries. Once problems are not solved l2 level.
L2 is the ssecond levrl and we support the customer support level and we are support to l1 level queries

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what is L1 and L2 support..

Answer / prithiviraj

L1 are the start up professionals l2 are the experience guys so on...

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what is L1 and L2 support..

Answer / sathish

Layer 1 & Layer 2 support

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what is L1 and L2 support..

Answer / muneer.k

This layer conveys the bit stream - electrical impulse, light or radio signal -- through the network at the electrical and mechanical level. It provides the hardware means of sending and receiving data on a carrier, including defining cables, cards and physical aspects.
At this layer, data packets are encoded and decoded into bits. It furnishes transmission protocol knowledge and management and handles errors in the physical layer, flow control and frame synchronization. The data link layer is divided into two sublayers: The Media Access Control (MAC) layer and the Logical Link Control (LLC) layer. The MAC sublayer controls how a computer on the network gains access to the data and permission to transmit it. The LLC layer controls frame synchronization, flow control and error checking.

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what is L1 and L2 support..

Answer / test

L1, L2 mean lavel1 & lavel2

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what is L1 and L2 support..

Answer / sunny

L1 and L2 support means if you a the experence in field at
least 1 year you are appay for L1 support any compony

or you have more than 2 years working in the field you
applied for L2 label

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