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Wipro SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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what is difference b/w pravite procedures and public procedures?

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is it necessary to write group by and order by clause together

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Use The Implicit cursor to Query The Department table information Where Deptno is 30.check,if no record was found then print "Record Was Not Found".Else Print Deptname And Ename.Dept table Have Dname Varchar2(20),Deptno Number,EnameVarchar2(20).Please Answer In 2 mins,with in Maximum 15 lines.

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ERROR:Insert or update on table"accnt" violates foreign key constraints "acct_to_curr_symbol" DETAILS:KEY(accnt_curr_id)(-2)is not present in the table "curr_symbol" ......solve The Problem..


Temporary table vs Table variable in sql server?


i have table T!. A B C D NULL 1 2 3 4 NULL 5 6 7 8 NULL 9 10 11 12 NULL. I WANT COUNT OF NULL VALUES IN TABLE. WRITE A QUERY.

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how to load data with out header and footer records in a database using sql*loader? pls tell me the answer urgently

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What is Difference Between Unique and Primary Key Constraints?


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Wipro SQL PLSQL Interview Questions

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