Give an example of any procedure.

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Give an example of any procedure...

Answer / dev lamani

create or replace procedure Data_Ho(region number,proc
number) is
Data_Not_there exception;
cnt number;
select count(*) into cnt
from vhub.op_fertilizer_sta_tran
where proc_monyr=proc and region_code=region;
if cnt>=0 then
insert into op_fertilizer_sta
select * from op_fertilizer_sta_tran
where proc_monyr=proc and region_code=region;
raise Data_not_there;
end if;
when Data_not_there then
dbms_output.putline('There is no Data Available for this
month for Insertion'|| ' ' || proc);

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Give an example of any procedure...

Answer / sharath

AS --We cna write AS/IS

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Give an example of any procedure...

Answer / roopesh kumar

We can write a procedure with or w/o using parameters.

For procedure the simplest ex. could be like as

SQL> create or replace procedure tr ---calling procedure
2 as
3 begin
4 in_emp; -- Called procedure
5 end;
6 /

in this procedure i am calling another procedure inside

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Give an example of any procedure...

Answer / nagendra

put_line is an example of procedure

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Give an example of any procedure...

Answer / deepa

2 DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(’Hello World’);
3 END;
4 /

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