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Wipro Oracle General Interview Questions
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19. Display all clients whose name begins with the letter J or contains the letter M anywhere or contains E as the third letter.

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20. Using a set operator, display the client number of all clients who have never placed an order.


21. Using a set operator, display the client number of all clients who have ever placed an order and whose whose name does not contain the string Sm.


22. Display the order number, number of lines in the order, total number of items and total value for all orders that have a total value greater than $100


23. Display the client name for all clients who have placed an order where any order line has more than 3 items. Do not use a table join anywhere in your query.

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24. Display the order number for all orders whose average item cost is greater than the overall average item cost across all orders.

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25. Display the client number and the value of the highest value order placed by that client.

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26. Display the earliest shipping date in the format: DD/MON/YYYY

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1. Display the post code and the purchase order number for each purchase order. Sort the output set by postcode.

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2. Display the post code and the total number of purchase orders placed with creditors in that post code.


3. Adapt your query in (2) above so that only post codes with more than twenty orders are displayed.


4. Using a set operator, display the creditor number of all creditors who have ever been paid.

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5. Display full details for the creditor/s who has received the single largest payment. Do not use a table join or set operator anywhere in your query.

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I want a table like, no name address addr1 addr2 So i want columns like addr1,addr2 under address column. Can one please answer me. Advance Thanks.

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write a query to dispaly those name who is more than one in student table? example- in a student table sandeep kumar comes 4 times, rakesh kumar comes 2 times, ajit kumar comes 1 times so query will display sandeep kumar and rakesh kumar single times.

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Wipro Oracle General Interview Questions

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