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Wipro Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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why you used Java Script? Can it use for both client side and server side validation purpose?

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What is Win32?

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Say about your strengths and weaknesses ?

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What are Storage Classes in C ?

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What are advantages and disadvantages of recursive calling ?

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Marx was belongs to which country

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What is the difference between SQL, DDL, and DML?

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what is a template?

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what is an algorithm in terms of STL?

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What is the difference between public, private, protected inheritance?

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What is Virtual Inheritance?

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What is the difference between operator new and the new operator?

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What happens if an exception is throws from an, object's constructor and object's destructor?

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What is the difference between Pointer and a Reference? When you would use them?

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Wipro Interview Questions

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