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Wipro Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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what are the key resposibilities of Team Leader


being a student why do you want to go for a call centre job

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why do u want to join a call center?i am a bachelor of arts grudute and want to join bpo in third level manager?


what is for call centre what is voice and non voice and what is the eligiblity for this job

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all general question related bpo and self


it took me about 5 years to do a software coarse of 2 years.i am often asked in interviews what i did all those time. what is the most appropriate answer?

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what is BPO? Why shouldyou want to join bpo?

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Could any body plz tell me FAQ'S for tech support executive fresher interviews?(tech faqs only).

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unforgettable movement in your life?

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why do u like to make your career in BPO industry?

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Why do you like your college?

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what kind of questions based on computer may be asked in an interview in BPO's?


tips for freshers!!! fot...that how to face a telephonic round in interview???

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How did you spent your last day,sunday,?

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What is the difference between BPO and CALL CENTRE ?

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Wipro Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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