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Wipro SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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i can give default values in select-options also then what is use of INTIALIZATION event?

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Did u inherit any standard sap programs? what are they? and for what purpose you have done it?

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if i want to take some matter from a smart form to another smart form .then how is it possible?

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Hello all ABAP gurus. I want to ask 2 3 qtns.1)How many layou types we have in smartforms & difference between them..? 2)how to do pagebreaks in SMARTFORMS..? 3)Do we develope Smartform from scratch or do we use standard smartforms in real time..? please rply me... & thanks in advance.

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Please List ALL Events in Interactive Report & Classical Report in CORRECT ORDER.

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In SAP Script,How to display a single field(like matnr)at the right end of the form.


Name 5 custom objects that dont start with Z or Y ?

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in ECC6.0 version which package u r working means what? if errors occurs during database updation using bapi how vl v know??bcoz it directly updates db?? how vl v pass tables in smartformd?

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hi experts,,, what is meant by documentation? test casr preparation? documentation and preparation and Tcode for this? quality and releasing? test case scenario?


Can a function group share its subroutine with all its function modules?

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how to find the print/driver prg of smartform.I used FM SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME in driver prg.

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can i use table key and key in an internal table and explain the functionalities of each one and what functionality does it give if both are used for same internal table


if u have two internal table such as itab1 and itab1 has four fields such as f1,f2,f3,f4 and in itab2 has two fields such as f1,f2.then how can u copy data from first internal table to second internal table.

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2 Table Maintenance generation & validation using events Create table lets say ZXXXX hold Object Locations. Field key data element Type Length Dec text MANDT x MANDT Clnt 3 0 Client ZCTRY x LAND1 Char 3 Country Key ZOLOC x ZOLOC Char 15 Object Location ZOLOC20 ZOLOC20 Char 20 Object Location short text ZOLOC40 ZOLOC40 Char 40 Object Location long text ZAWSYS LOGSYSTEM Char 10 Logical System ZSTREET AD_STREET Char 60 Street ZSTREET2 AD_STRSPP1 Char 40 Street 2 ZPOSTAL_CODE AD_PSTCD1 Char 10 City postal code ZCITY AD_CITY1 Char 40 City ZCOUNTRY ZLAND Char 3 Address Country ZOBJ_SIGN ZOBJ_SIGN Char 10 Object Sign ZREF1 ZREF1 Char 10 Reference 1 ZREF2 ZREF2 Char 10 Reference 2 ZREF3 ZREF3 Char 10 Reference 3 ZREF4 ZREF4 Char 10 Reference 4 ZNOTE1 ZNOTE1 Char 20 Note 1 ZNOTE2 ZNOTE2 Char 20 Note 2 ZCREAETDATE CREATEDATE Dats 8 Creation/Change Date ZCREATETIME CREATIETIME Tims 6 Creation/Change Time Create a table maintenance generator for ZXXXX. Create two events in Table Maintenance Generator: - To update the filed value SAP in ZAWSYS and creation date and time - To update change date and time after saving the entry Event ‘21’ – At Create: ZXXXX-ZAWSYS = SAP. ZXXXX-ZCREATEDATE = sy-datum. ZXXXX-ZCREATETIME = sy-uzeit. Event ‘01’- After Save ZXXXX-mandt = extract+0(3). ZXXXX-zctry = extract+3(3). ZXXXX-zoloc = extract+6(15). ZXXXX-zoloc20 = extract+21(20). ZXXXX-zoloc40 = extract+41(40). ZXXXX-zawsys = log_sys. ZXXXX-zstreet = extract+91(60). ZXXXX-zstreet2 = extract+151(40). ZXXXX-zpostal_code = extract+191(10). ZXXXX-zcity = extract+201(40). ZXXXX-zcountry = extract+241(3). ZXXXX-zobj_sign = extract+244(10). ZXXXX-zref1 = extract+254(10). ZXXXX-zref2 = extract+264(10). ZXXXX-zref3 = extract+274(10). ZXXXX-zref4 = extract+284(10). ZXXXX-znote1 = extract+294(20). ZXXXX-znote2 = extract+314(20). ZXXXX-zcreatedate = sy-datum. ZXXXX-zcreatetime = sy-uzeit. modify ZXXXX.


Why do we use Process On Value Request(POV) event instead of data element,search help in module pool.

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Wipro SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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