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Wipro SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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what is macro and function?

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Which is the event trigger last?

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how to upload logo in the smart forms

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how to trasfert script from one server to another server or one clint to another clint

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what is set cursor and get cursor command in module pool

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how many index created for table

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how to download sap Smart form in text format

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without using matchcode ,help view ,check table , domain how to create the search help anybody know this answar plz post imdtly

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how can we get what are the exits available for va01 transaction?

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What table stores online messages?

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What take most time in SAP Script programming?

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How many sections main window cab be divided in Script?

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What is the process of project flow n sap?In context to project flow what are the role of an abapper?

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what is selection text in ABAP

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loop at itab. IF . Continue. Endif. Endloop. If continue triggers what will happen, it comes out of loop and endloop for further loop pass or just comes out of IF and Endif.

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Wipro SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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