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Wipro Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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investment banking

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What is audit,auditing?

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What is put option, call option, mutual fund?

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what is journal entries for cheque dishonored?

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Entry for prepaid expenses?

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Entry for the settlement of loans?

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what is the definition of derivative, what is a security?

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what is the difference between direct income and indirect income?

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What is balance sheet? How you come to know after seeing balance sheet that economic condition is good or bad any organisation?

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What is the diferrence between a balance sheet and a capital account????

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what is meant by debit and credit

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what is entry for depreciation?

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Hi., I have cleared my test on monday, i have operation round on thursday.. So, Can anyone send me all the related interview Questions??..Please help me out.. Email ID: Phone :9739867486

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Please help in payroll accounting in tally 9.0, by all means and all things in it (Ex:creation of pay heads, employyes groups, etc and other things which are necessary for payroll accounting).

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Wipro Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

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