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Wipro Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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For what kind of necessary information we Interact with Vendors with regard to AP

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Can somebody provide me the various or atleast most frequent issues a support consultant deal with?

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why we create diff calenders for each module

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Describe the key configuration decisions you would need to undertake when implementing the cash management module?

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what is the diffrence between 11i and R12 ?

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What is Flow of Account Receivables,Payables and Fixed Assets?


explain your project plan with exam pal? i am preparing inter view .............


Hi All, My name is Prashant ..I want to know good institutes in Bangalore which provide training on Oracle Apps Financials..AP,AR,GL,CM,...Mail me at

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How should we manage Open balances of accounts while importing legal systems to Oracle at the time of implementation?


What are the issues you have faced at the time of implementation, Migration, Support and Upgradation project and how you resolve them(AP,AR,GL,FA,CM)!!!

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Ran CREATE ACCOUNTING concurrent program to transfer data from AP to GL but the program was completed with status WARNING. can I have few answer for the same.

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What is the Process of Reconciliation Between AP to GL


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Wipro Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions

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