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For what kind of necessary information we Interact with
Vendors with regard to AP

For what kind of necessary information we Interact with Vendors with regard to AP..

Answer / tgs100

Not clear. Interact with vendors? You mean the deploying company or the suppliers of the implementing company? We don't interact with the suppliers of the implementing company. So I assume you are asking for discussion details with the deploying company.

First we need to understand the whole process of Payables in the current setup and how they want to perform in Oracle Apps to decide the number of Operating Units (How they want to secure the data, how and where(division/place) invoices are received and entered, how and where invoices are paid, etc). Once Org structure is finalized (including intercompany related information), we need to interact with them to collect the setup related data.
This is an ongoing process till UAT is completed successfully.

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