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when we run payment batch what are the 3 concurrent programs?

when we run payment batch what are the 3 concurrent programs?..

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AutoSelect Invoices,Build Payments,Format Payments

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is UOM maintained at master level or organization level or both?

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how to find the custom directory in front end.

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what is instead of trigger. what is the use of that?

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Presently u are working in which version?

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What is profile and what is level of profile option and it's hierarchy

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can we use look up type instead of a pofile option?or valueset?is it possible how?

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How many typres of Purchase order and what are those.

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Is that Possible To create package without Specification , If Yes Give any Examples

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What is Pragma Autonomous transaction. It's Real time Example

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List the types of flexfield?

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what is mutating table and mutating error and how to solve that?

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