when we run payment batch what are the 3 concurrent programs?

when we run payment batch what are the 3 concurrent programs?..

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AutoSelect Invoices,Build Payments,Format Payments

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A program must be written which accepts date parameter. The date parameter will accept data in the format DD/MM/YYYY. This data has to be validated and post validation, the following details have to be displayed for this date parameter 1. Input date must be defaulted to sysdate, It can be overridden by any other date. 2. Financial year should be displayed for this date parameter. Eg: If the input date is 30/11/2010, the financial year must be displayed as 1. From Date : 01-Aprr-2010 To Date: 31-Mar-2011 3. Calendar year and Calendar month must also be displayed. 4. The next payment cycle (say for EB), must be displayed based on this date parameter. 5. The previous payment must also be displayed based on this date.

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I want to develop a oracle applications report using report builder 6i. I have two user parameters. How to provide list of values to parameters, which should show me at the time of submitting concurrent program.

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