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Wipro SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions
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How u will transfer LSMW data from development to production? And on which server u will test the LSMW data?

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i wani to SAP MM module and i have an experience of near abopu 4 years in SAP MM as a end want to begain my career in sap functional,so pls suggest me a good institute which cost me around 30 k. i cant afford huge amount like siemans offer.

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STO query:- 888-Supplying plant, and 999-Receiving plant , so in this case which is the customer XD01

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How many class you can use in single Release strategy.

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what is meaning of Layers in lsmw. how many layers in lsmw in sap mm ?

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how to taxes comes into picture from mm to invoice ?

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where you maintain the HSN code with TAX rate ?

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Wipro SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions

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