How many class you can use in single Release strategy.

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0 Answers   KPIT,

What is the basic data required to create PO? What do we maintain in purchase info-record?

4 Answers   Wipro,

Can you explain how to use IDOC/EDI processes in purchasing like PO and in what context

2 Answers   Accenture,

which transation evet key in cin

2 Answers  

I what single T CODE regading Value stock receipts, Total usage quantity, Valuated stock

2 Answers   IBM,

What are the types of inforecords?

7 Answers   Cap Gemini,

Accounting keys trigger in intercompany sto for one step and two step???

1 Answers   Accenture,

Please suggest ME which institute is best for sap mm and kindly let me know which institute Mr.Syed Quarish is working and his contact no? and who is expert in teaching test scrips and CIN

0 Answers   Cistech,

Explain Steps of Scheduling Agreements JIT in Detail?

2 Answers  

What is Consigement stock & which accounting entries are posted at the time of GR?

7 Answers   IBM,

Hai brothers, i have done b.Tech(Eee)In 2007..Now i have 6 years of gap....Now i am planning to learn sap..... Can u pls suggest me which sap-module suits to me...Pls help me bro.S? Waiting for ur replies?

3 Answers  

What is the function of Profit center in Material master and how will system react when it finds Profit center in MM/when it does not find Profit center in MM? Plz answer for both the scenarios?

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