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Wipro SAP Basis Interview Questions
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How to do MS SQL Server upgrade 2005 to 2008 .IF ANY ONE HAVE SCREEN SHOTS PLEASE UPDATE ON

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Can you tell me installation procedure of SAP on UNIX


what is static profiles and dynamic profiles?

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if saposcol service is not start? how can u troubleshoot?

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friends ..... i hava a question, i have to assign sm36,3m37,su01 has to assign to a user with only options (display ,create).how can ia assign this to user? need quick reply......

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what is the difference between SAP R/3 and ECC

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what is the main difference between remote client copy, and client export and import.

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what is the difference between pfile and spfile

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How to Start & Start Java at OS level (Windows)

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can anyone tellme java instance startup sequence?

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User has scheduled a Background Job, he wants that background job to run faster. How to speedup the background job process?

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EWA configuration?

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how to know whether a user in sap system is DIALOG or SERVICE user?

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What are the scripts you can create for security by using LSMW??


In which frequency your TR gets transported to other system?

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Wipro SAP Basis Interview Questions

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