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Wipro C++ General Interview Questions
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How to write Multithreaded applications using C++?

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what is pulse code modulation?

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What is the Maximum Size that an Array can hold?

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what is importance of data sturture in a programming language?

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what is data Abstraction? and give example

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difference between c and c++?

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write program for palindrome

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Write the program for fibonacci in c++?

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What are Binay tress and B trees? Diff between them?

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difference between the c++ and c languages

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how to explain our contribution in the project?


What is size of a empty class?

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what is the basic concept of c++(object oriented programing)

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Consider the following code fragment: int main(void) { int m = 4; mystery ( m ); mystery ( m ); printf("%d", m); return 0; } What is the output on the monitor if mystery is defined as follows ? void mystery (int m) { m = m+3; }

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what is the C++

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Wipro C++ General Interview Questions

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