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difference between the c++ and c languages

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difference between the c++ and c languages ..

Answer / thana_8889

c has no object but c++ has object
c topdown approach c++ bottom up approach
c cannot be overloading c++ we can do
c is the subset of c++

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difference between the c++ and c languages ..

Answer / raj&

<c is based pop principals
>c++ is based oops principals

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difference between the c++ and c languages ..

Answer / achal

c++ is quite different from c. Here I add to above answer.
1. C++ has more rigid typecasing rules while c does not.
2. In C, structure copy is not permissible while most c++
compilers provide default copy constructors.

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difference between the c++ and c languages ..

Answer / jaya

in c data hiding is not possible and we have to write
complete program at a time.whereas in c++ data hiding is
possible and one can divide a huge program into certain
small programs later combine it into one as per one's
choice.moreover we hav header file<stdio.h>
in c supports printf & scanf statements while <iostearm.h>
in c++ supports cout statements......

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