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Wipro SQL Server Interview Questions
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What is transaction ? Give me one example.

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How to select Distinct columns from the table, table having 20 columns and i want all coulmns

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where the connection string store in the database


What is deadlock and how to avoid the deadlocks.

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What is user stored procedure & it purpose?

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which query u can write to sql server doesn't work inbetween 7.00PM to nextday 9.00AM

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what is Constraint? How many types of constraints in SQL ?

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What is the difference Between Sql-server 2000 & 2005

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What is the Query of getting last 10 transaction Reports (like insert, update, Delete Data from Tabele) ?

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Which is the best place or learning center for MS SQL?????In Bangladesh?????


Table student containing 2 columns,Join date,Employee name. Under join date 4 rows r ter =1-jan-2008,2-feb-2008,3-mar- 2008,4-feb-2008.Under Employee name 4 difeerent names jaison,robin,binoy,rahul Result set is, Table containing 4-column name=jan,feb,mar,april,,beneath these months count is given as 1,2,1,0 means these counts representing number of emplooyees joined in a month(january 1employee,february 2 employee,march 1 employee,april 0 employee) Can you give me the required sql query

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Can we call SP inside a query?

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How many .ndf files can we create in Sql server 2005?

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what is macro?

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wat is mean by trigger?.......normally wat use......when trigger used in sql........... plz cleary say with example.......

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Wipro SQL Server Interview Questions

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