What is transaction ? Give me one example.

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What is transaction ? Give me one example...

Answer / nirmala.s

transaction is series of actions that should happen without
any fail.
if the transaction consists of 3 actions , if anyone of
these fails, then whole transaction wil be rolled back.


banking: we used to say it as a transaction.
logging in, transfer fund and logging out.
if any one of these fails ,
the transaction will not be completed.

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What is transaction ? Give me one example...

Answer / geetanjali

Well kumar u r right but in ACID Property
A stands Atomicity not Acit
Remaining are correct.

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What is transaction ? Give me one example...

Answer / mobin sathupally

A transaction is a logical unit of work, it ensures that
multiple data modifications are procecessed together.
A transaction follows four properties(rules).
Those properties are "ACID".
ACID stands for Automocity
Isolation and

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What is transaction ? Give me one example...

Answer / senthilsjc


plz understand what they asked?
don't post answer what u studied in material..

if u know well with example post it..

plz don't waste ur time and others?

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What is transaction ? Give me one example...

Answer / kumar

Transaction is logical unit of work. It will be done all
the things must otherwise none.
It Should be Satisfy ACID Property.
A - Acit
C - Consistency
I - Isolation
D - Durability.

Kumar T

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What is transaction ? Give me one example...

Answer / ashique

Transaction is a database operation that satisfies following
a condition called ACID:

A (Atomicity) : Do all the operations successfully Or None.
C (Consistency) : The operation should not violate data
integrity concept.
I (Isolation) : When one person is manipulating the data,
others should wait (i.e synchronization).
D (Durability): Once transaction is over succesfully, the
changes should be permanent at any cost.

The best example of a simple transaction is bank fund
transfer from one account to another. Try to implement above
points using your common sense. Thank you :)

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What is transaction ? Give me one example...

Answer / hari

Transcation is sequence of operations performaed a single
logical unit of work


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What is transaction ? Give me one example...

Answer / shoaib aatish

Transaction is accrue between tow parties like any business-related exchange such as Payments to employees, Sales to customers and payments to the suppliers. Thus, processing business transaction was the first application of computer for most organizations.
Shoaib Aatish from MSC CS, UAF, FSD

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What is transaction ? Give me one example...

Answer / raj

Transaction is a daily routine work in companies, it is a
part of data that is stored daily, for example banking in
which data is stored daily.

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What is transaction ? Give me one example...

Answer / mr.narendra singh(gulli)

transction is a process use for either execution or set
of exection process complite or abort or rollback.
Ex-ATM(alternative transation machine),railway reservation
and so on.

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