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Wipro Accounting General Interview Questions
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Dividends are usually paid as a percentage of ______ (a) Authorized share capital (b) Net profit (c) Paid-up capital (d) Called-up capital

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A new firm commenced business on 1st January, 2006 and purchased goods costing Rs. 90,000 during the year. A sum of Rs. 6,000 was spent on freight inwards. At the end of the year the cost of goods still unsold was Rs. 12,000. Sales during the year Rs. 1,20,000. What is the gross profit earned by the firm? (a) Rs. 36,000 (b) Rs. 30,000 (c) Rs. 42,000 (d) Rs. 38,000

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what is indian income & foreign income

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what is bond wash transaction ,when we have to use it, and what is the procedure please help me with examle


how to deduct tds on income from other sources with examples


what is surcharge on which purpose is used please explain

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what is the difference between reserves & provisions and accumulated reserves & surplus

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what is difference between trail balance and balance sheet

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could you please tell me what CRR & SLR?

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asset = liab + equity , Asset = 120000 + 1 third of asset. what is asset value.

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Purchase a goods from venkat for cash,it should be credited to Whom

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Sales Invoice 50000/- fully profit , management want profit for this year should be appear in P&L A/c and B/S 25000/- only and remaining 25000/- profit retain for the next year  What will be JV for this year and next year?- Thank you


What is negative goodwill?

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Wipro Accounting General Interview Questions

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