pls let me know the answer, recently i faced this question
in interview.
when you are writing the test cases,if the requirements are
changed what will u do?

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Answer / deepak jha

According to software testing principle "pesticide paradox" states that whenever requirement changes we have to change our test case because test case will not be able to discover new possible we have to change our test case.

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Answer / user`

If you don't know the exact/relavent answer to the question
then please don't provide false information to the User.

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Answer / preeti

My answer would be:It's a common scenario where requirement changes due to various reason. I am always prepared to deal with it and this is why I am flexible when writing my test cases so that if any changes occur they are easy to incorporate. For example I write Valid Data Definition separately rather adding them to my test cases and it helps me to revise(when needed) my document efficiently.

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Answer / charitha

Soon after preparing Use case document,identify the functional points and +,after that prepare Test senorio document then we will prepare test case document.
case document+identify the functional points+identify the functional points+Test senorio document+test case document

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