tell me the steps to configure the vg

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tell me the steps to configure the vg..

Answer / swathi krishna

connect the harddisk .
check whether they found or not by
ioscan -fnc disk.

it will list all the hard disks attached.

just prepare the hard disk to be created in a VG by.

pvcreate -f /dev/rdsk/"pathname"

repeat the step on all the hard disks u have connected

so the PV structure has been writed on the disk (PVRA).

create directory which to be the name of your new VG
in /dev directory

mkdir /dev/vg01

create the device file for the VG . so that they can access
the VG asa file.

mknod /dev/dsk/"path name" c 64 0x0100000.

then create the volume group using vgcreate.

vgcreate /dev/vgo1 /dev/dsk/c0t0 /dev/dsk/"pathname" .

likewise attach all the hard disks to be addes to the
specific VG.

activate the VG using vgchange -a y /dev/vg01

this is the procedure to create simple volume group///
After that we need to create th logical volumes along with

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tell me the steps to configure the vg..

Answer / amitshiknis

Start sam
select Disks and File Systems
select Logical Volumes

Using Tabs, go to Actions -> Create

<space> -> TAB to selec Ok (to configure VG)

Amit Shiknis

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