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Wipro JCL Interview Questions
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what is fixed length and variable length and difference between them

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How can u know the current date using jcl?

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When will we need to specify Space parameter ?

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What is the use of IEBGENER ?

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I have GDG defined e.g. GDG.smaplegdg.base, after processing the GDG. it contains some records and which is input to the second step2. How can I use GDG to use it as input file at step2.

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how to edit a tape dataset ? asked in wipro

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i have 6 steps in my jcl program after going to 5th step i want to execute 3rd can i do using(RESTART) can i do it or not?

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I had Records in file Like this Company Code IBM 2 IBM 1 IBM 4 WIPRO 3 WIPRO 2 WIPRO 9 TCS 4 TCS 6 TCS 3 i want the record of every company with highest code How can i do that?

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How to use COND Parameter in jcl

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I have DATE filed like DD-MM-YYYY, So I want output should be MM/DD/YYYY using JCL? Can anybody post the answer for above requirement?

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Suppose i have a file with 10 recs and i want to skip only the 7 th record and copy the rest into another file. How do i do it using SORT?

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Wipro JCL Interview Questions

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