What is a common data source for the central enterprise
data warehouse?

Answer / prasoon

operational data stores (ODS)

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Is PK concept available in Teradata. If it is how can we create Primary Key for a table in TD

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which option is used to restart the fast load script?

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Difference between client character set and server character set? What is the use of these two?default character set in teradata?

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How is Teradata in current market?

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What is the Maximum number of volatile tables that can be created?

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Hello all, There is a table with 4 columns in that 3 columns has been already loaded with 5 million records.4th column is empty,Now I have got 5 million records data which has to be loaded into 4th column.How can I load this data fastly in to the 4th column with out using update

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How can we pass Variable in Bteq with out using shell script Is it possible or not If possible let me know how can we pass varaibale

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what do you mean by INMOD Routines and OUTMODE Routines ?

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Hi Friends, Please send me Teradata Materials for certifications Thanks in advance !!

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I have a table with emp id, emp name, dept id and sal where dept id is NUSI. SEL * FROM EMP WHERE DEPTID = 100. Can any one explain how it will fetch the record.

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Hi Friends I have a sql question, We have the source data as below. 101 address1, address2, address3 and the output shoulb like below 101 address1 101 address2 101 address3 Required a SQL query for this output. Please let me know if you have any sql query for this. Thanks in advance. Hari M

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Aborted in Phase 2 data acquistion completed in fastload?

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