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please provide jam round interview topics and answers..

Answer / sahithi

the topics mostly wud be something in common like mobiles,
media, transport, news paper, politics, latest news, the
latest movie, ur favourite movie, and so on.. just tell with
the accent u r confortable wid. try to use new words. they
may ask like how was ur journey n all. so all the topics wud
be related to common routine life of an individual.. thanku

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please provide jam round interview topics and answers..

Answer / priya

Hi friends,
just I want to share knowledge about this JAM session
with process they want to see our communication skills,
topic analysis, our presentation skills & our way of talking
(It should be professional manner).

1) Before going to start this process, they will give 2 or 3
topics & they will give some time to prepare on that(min of
2) From that topics, choose one which ever you know well
than compare to all given topics.
3)write down some important points on that topic.
4)practice yourself before your going to start.
5)This one is very important::: while your talking maintain
good confidence , make small smile on your face( with that
you can overcome your fear), talk slowly & clearly & no need
to finish horribly.

Example topics:
Favorite holiday spot, role model, memorable moment, any
political topics, favorite movie or person or day or things
or food, mobiles , traffic & corruption.

Try to practice because practice make man perfect right bye
friends, if any wrong information there please ignore.


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please provide jam round interview topics and answers..

Answer / vishnu

i attended to wipro bpo interview they conducted the jam
session they give two topics they are "i most embraced
moment in ur life"$ "the recently watched film".out of 60
they selected only one person.

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please provide jam round interview topics and answers..

Answer / n.v.ramesh babu

news paper

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please provide jam round interview topics and answers..

Answer / ravi

any topics new to all and which is useful

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please provide jam round interview topics and answers..

Answer / raghu

here,the main thing is that how to develop the skills when
we attend an pls provide the topics as well as
answers also then we can compare the both vocabulary.

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please provide jam round interview topics and answers..

Answer / anusha

They will give your choice of topic,you will select what you
know very well without grammatical mistakes,that's not a
matter of our profession related topic,you'll select any
thing like food,your hobbies,your life journey,what are the
new thing you learn and movies etc,I hope you'll surely get
a good a opportunity.

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please provide jam round interview topics and answers..

Answer / bheemesh

I have recently attended for Wipro BPO interview.In that they had given 3 topics, "CORRUPTION IN INDIA, SHOULD AP DIVIDE OR NOT n INSPIRING PERSON IN YOUR LIFE". I elected CORRUPTION IN INDIA,while i started to talk,after few seconds i did nt get the words to express that matter in ENGLISH.can u tell me hw to pre[are in well manner for the JAM Session.

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please provide jam round interview topics and answers..

Answer / s anil

i attended ibm bpo process they give 3 topics after schooling
it is essential to use dress code in futher studies,
tell about yours sweet memories,
tell about your best friend and why you choose.

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please provide jam round interview topics and answers..

Answer / sindhura mahadev

JAM is a just a minute process. In a minute we have to express evrything politely i.e., the use, purpose, advanteges, disadvantages, how is it helpful for youth and society, impact of it... and so on.. such that the hr focusses on us. we have to use the unique words which are not used by the others.
repititions must be eliminated.
speak only what you have experienced.. but don't blindly say somethng in air..
the topcs may be your personal ones or about the society.. be clear and sure..

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