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Wipro C Sharp Interview Questions
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if i used stored procedure for retrieving the data from sql front end i had used data reader.when 100 records are there in table.when it has displayed ten records in frontend database has been collapsed.then where should our data available...

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what is dynamic sql

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1)what is difference between char and varchar in sql server 2005 2) what is composite key and candidate key 3) what is temporary table and derived table 4) how to calculate difference between two dates

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1)what is timestamp in C# (

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how to convert String array to StringBuilder array or vice versa?

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C Sharp

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Assignment # 1 Print the pattern given below using single printf statement XX XX XX XX XX XX X X X X XX XX XX XX XX XX Assignment # 2 Print the pattern given below using single printf statement (please do NOT use the string function below) 0 909 89098 7890987 678909876 56789098765 4567890987654 345678909876543 23456789098765432 1234567890987654321

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Hi, Can we implement the Abstract class on interface in c#, If yes then provide the code implementation

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How to use exception handling in stored procedure?


Perfect Example Of While And Do-While Loop In C#.Net ?


What is the Signification of the "new " keyword in C#? example


what is IDisposal interface


what is IComparable


what is IEquatable


what is IFormatable


Post New Wipro C Sharp Interview Questions

Wipro C Sharp Interview Questions

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