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Wipro Interview Questions
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Difference between adapter component and bw component ?

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What are the pretch predicates in tibco bw ?


What is the mechanism of a transaction ?

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Difference between file polar and file adapter ?

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Hi Guys, I am looking for Oracle Apps SCM/Finance Functional Training in Bangalore. Please suggest me or Guide me


eno ename 1 qaz 1 wsx 1 edc 2 zxc 2 asd 3 qwe 3 wer 3 tru 4 rgj Output: eno ename count 1 qaz,wsx,edc 3 2 zxc,asd 2 3 qwe,wer,tru 3 4 rgj 1 I want the above output to be solved by DataStage as well and I have to write SQL query for the same output.

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Ran CREATE ACCOUNTING concurrent program to transfer data from AP to GL but the program was completed with status WARNING. can I have few answer for the same.

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How does access modifiers work?

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How does static modifier work?

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How does abstract modifier work?

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real time examples for basic concepts in oop


Why do you join to BPO?

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which device/card is used at the end of computer/device to connect multiple or different wire of mesh topology to a single computer/device?

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How to override equals() and hashCode() method in java?

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i have to fetch the data based on non primary key field from a pooled or clustered table, but for pooled and clustered tables we can't create secondary index then to achieve the performance what to do?

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Wipro Interview Questions

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Tell me something that is not already in your resume.


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plz send me the accounting questions and answers of bank of america.


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