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Wipro OOPS Interview Questions
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Write 7 differences between "Public" function and "Private" function?

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Which is the best institute in hyderabad for C/C++ and it also has fast track course structure.

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what are the realtime excercises in C++?


can we create and enter the data & hide files using programmes ?

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what is the difference between javap and jad utility

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What is Hashing and how is it done? Pictorial form?

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what is the size of an empty class

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what is main difference between object oriented object base

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Petrol pump mgt. system: To design a program that display an interface for the sale of the Petrol and then make the entries at the backend in the database.

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What is virtual Function.

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what is data hiding.

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write a program to enter a string like"sunil is a good boy and seeking for a job" not more than 10 characters including space in one line,rest characters should b in other line.if the next line starts from in between the previous word,then print whole word to next line.


write a program that takes input in digits and display the result in words from 1 to 1000


Finding of the 4 larger (bigger) numbers from the list like{1245,4587,2145,1163,29987,65783.....}

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#include using namespace std; int main() { int a = 2; int c[5][5]; for (int x=0;x<5;x++) { for (int y=0;y<5;y++) { c[x][y] = x*y; } } cout << c[a][c[1][4]]; }

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Wipro OOPS Interview Questions

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