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Wipro Cognos Interview Questions
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What are different events in Report studio?


Create 12 columns for months by writing single case statement?

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What is Tool Tip? and how to create in report studio?

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How to change Boolean variable Yes As "TRUE" and No as "FALSE" in Cognos reporting studio?

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Difference between Express authoring mode and Professional authoring mode?

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how to improve performance in report studio level

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What is the Main Difference between Conditional Block and Render Variable in Cognos. Both are used for Condtional rendering.But what is the Main Diff?

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what is Galaxy schema??

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In how many ways we can apply the security to a cube in Transformer? Explain?

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how many facts and dimensions in ur project and query items,how u deliver ur report to end users..i am going with fake exp...pls ans me generally what to ans..

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How to move reports one server to another server?

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Hi Techies, I got an issue so need your advice here. I have created a report in Report Studio and it's having 2 columns which are having long text as a value (BLOB data type). Report is displaying entire text items in HTML format, but when I'm exporting it into EXCEL it's give me ##########. How to correct (wrap) it in Excel? so when end users they are directly running that report in Excel so instead of seeing ######### for long text items they should see the entire text items in those columns. Please advice!

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Hi, I have Cognos 7.0 Impromptu reports and these reports have been created with the Mainframe datasource. Now the business needs these reports should be upgraded but with Oracle datasource. So what's the idea, first we should migrate these reports into ReportNet? then in that case what we will do with the Impromptu Catalog? Second, suppose we need to migrate these reports into Cognos 8 (may be 8.4) then how we will do that? do we need to create a FM Model for these reports. Please advice!


If we are migrating lower version of Cognos reports (e.g. from Ver 7.0 to Cognos 8) then how we migrate Impromptu Catalog (ver 7.0) in Cognos 8? Do we create FM model for that? Please explain.


Hi Techies, Need your help for achieving this requirement. We have got a requirement to display a report in a page which should diplay max 20 rows but if a report is having totally 17 rows then in the 1st page it has to display 15 rows(divisible by 5) and the other two rows should appear in the next page. Similarly, If a report is having 23 records then in the first page it should display 20 (divisible by 5) and on other page it should display 3 rows. Please advice!

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Wipro Cognos Interview Questions

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