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Wipro Taxation Interview Questions
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hi,i want to kow the difference between withholding tax and service tax.what is the procedure of calclation of the two.please help.its urgent.

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hi,when i am posting an entry on service tax it is not showing the business area.please guide me how to configure the business area so that the entry also shows the business area.please help as i need to configure it.


Hi,when we pass a clearing entry of paid and unpaid tax how do we show the business area the way the business area can be there any change that i have to do in the configuration of this client wants that the business area also reflects when we post the gl.please help.


How to calculate the TDS


how to calculate tax for the income earners


what is meant by dearness allowance?

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What is the general entry for TDS certificate received from the debtor of the company?

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How to calculate gross salary from bsaic payment, D.A, T.A, H.R.A?

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what do u meant by investment banking


Is service tax is direct tax or indirect ?

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What is Tax refund?

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How to adjustment of CST ? and also tell me about C-Form affairs ?


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Wipro Taxation Interview Questions

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